Ideography 2019
1st International Review of Graphic Design in Poznań

Organiser — Rarytas Art Foundation

Patronage — University of the Arts Poznań

Organising Committee

  • Mateusz Bieczyński — Chairman/Secretary of the Jury
  • Mirosław Adamczyk
  • Szymon Dolata
  • Piotr Grzywacz
  • Maciej Kurak
  • Aniela Perszko
  • Nagisa Rządek
  • Zdzisław Schubert

In 2017, the University of the Arts in Poznań, in cooperation with the Rarytas Foundation, initiated a new, cyclical artistic event – the Polish Festival of Graphic Design ‘Ideography’. The goal of the event was to present the latest achievements of Polish graphic designers. In 2018, the second edition of the festival was organised in an extended format.

In 2019, ‘Ideography’ is organised for the first time in an international context. As in the first two editions, the competition is for the creators of posters and other graphic forms. There are two main categories: a poster and an ideograph (a self-edited author's poster).